“Finding your passion is not a sprint but a marathon.”
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If I had missed this show, I’d be pretty much devastated but luckily enough for those of you who did miss it, it’s on camera (thanks to Enoch Visuals).

On December 5th, the Open Minds society, here at Loughborough University, hosted a drama showcase unlike any other in that it incorporated acting, dancing, singing, a fashion parade as well as motivational speeches which really brought life to the stage! As the audience gathered, DJ Hass played lively tunes which heightened the excitable atmosphere.

The play chronicles the life of young boy, James, who although has a desire for football is desperately trying to discover his purpose in life. Along his journey, the character is continuously presented with obstacles and challenges. The irony of the play is that, without realising it, James has already found his passion and thus the play teaches that passion+ daily action= a purposeful life- a life lesson that applies to all of us. Jessica Magaye, playwright and committee member of the Open Minds society said:

“I felt like many students could relate to that feeling of not knowing what they wanted to do with their lives, and so writing a piece that would help to motivate even just one person would be amazing.”

I think many of the actors, as well as the audience, would agree that this play was indeed inspirational. Loughborough student Tunji, who played the role of the main character, said “I felt excited to play the role due to the creativeness of the whole show…it’s given me ideas maybe to do something of my own.” Tunji is simply just one example of someone who has been influenced and motivated by this show; how amazing it is to see the work of students impacting and influencing others for the better.

The structure of the play was intelligently manipulated by the playwright, the use of short scenes enabled the other components of the showcase to be seamlessly incorporated into the play. The incorporation of motivational speeches, as well as dancing, made the audience feel included in the play, almost as if they too were on stage. The planning of ‘my passion, my purpose’ was not easy at all. Time, sweat and tears were the special ingredients that were concocted to really make the show spectacular. It took real dedication from committee members as well as from those who partook in the showcase. With rehearsals being held every evening, Monday through Friday, for two weeks- ‘it was tight!’ There were times where very few actors turned up to rehearsals but nonetheless we were still able to pull of an extraordinary show. Of course, it would be bias to say the show was spectacular without hearing opinions of the audience, let’s see what some of them had to say about the show:

The storyline was inspiring and relatable, I was truly impressed.
I had heard that the show was due to bang but I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect, I really liked the moral of the story-there wasn’t a moment where I was disengaged.”
Not gonna lie, I was expecting an unserious storyline but Open Minds really surprised me with what was brought to the stage, I would definitely watch it again if I could.

Now that you’ve seen visual evidence of the success of this show, this brings us to the end of this blog post! Hope you enjoyed reading and watch out for more posts on our upcoming events.

Written by Toyah Panton,

Management Sciences Student at Loughborough University