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The Sage.

‘My favourite OM event has to be The Sage. I think it was amazing to have genuine people from different walks of life to share their stories – all very different nevertheless all very meaningful. Every member of the audience could relate to at least one thing but not just relate – they were also challenged to self-reflect – to see how they can better invest in their future. And despite such unforeseen complications we had a successful event which both performers and audience members enjoyed.’



The Sage truly was an inspirational night. The three guest speakers we had delivered motivation talks on their life journey,which have led to the formation of their creative crafts and motivations in life.

We were honoured to have Kelly Whybrow: a blogger, public speaker and writer, telling her journey on faith, owning your abilities and shaping who you are.

We also had Amani Simpson tell his life changing story, which is now a short film: Even after his talk and our event came to a close, members of Open Minds continued on their discussions with him outside for an additional hour.

Thirdly, we had Josiah, also known as Mr200m, give an interactive talk on purpose and destiny.

Lastly, we had a former Open Minds President – Stephanie – also share her story on how she got to where she is and How purpose and character played in her development as an individual.

As a whole, the amazing speakers left the audience feeling inspired and driven to develop themselves.

Free Flow


“ Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

Oscar Wilde

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde

When writing this blog, I wanted to include a quotation but found myself stuck between two beautiful quotes so I thought what the hell and decided to include them both! I find these quotes to be very relevant to a recent event that Open Minds hosted called ‘Free Flow.’ This event encouraged people to wholly express themselves by their own means. It enabled people to showcase their talents and represent themselves as themselves.

Often in life the hardest thing to do is to be yourself, which, when you think about it, sounds silly but nonetheless is true. Often we are trying to be like others who, perhaps, we see as being better than us. Of course you can aspire to be like someone in hope of bettering yourself but remember that that person’s individuality is what makes him or her an inspiration, therefore you too should be your own person. Please, please don’t get lost in the sauce.

So what happened on the night?? Well, the night mainly consisted of singing performances and spoken word but it would have been great to see some other forms of art. (*Cough* Rappers come forward *Cough*). This event was so effortlessly entertaining. The communal atmosphere enabled one to feel more engaged with the performing artists. The relaxed, informal environment helped people to appreciate every thoughtful word of a poem or a meaningful lyric of a song. It was incredible to see so much unexpected talent brought to the stage; people who wouldn’t have dared to perform nearer the start of the academic year took a step of bravery and showcased their talents which really highlights what Open Minds is; personal development and character growth. Each of our events really aims to encourage people to believe in their talents and bless others by sharing it.

Yasmin, a Loughborough student who performed on the night says, “spoken word has always been something I was interested in and since I’ve been writing poetry pretty much all my life. I thought Free Flow was the perfect opportunity to perform especially as it was such a comfortable and open space for people to express themselves…everyone was so receiving and open.”

Tashika, another student, says “I’ve always written poetry but I’ve never shared it. When I saw the poster for the free flow event, I felt like it would be a great opportunity for me to begin sharing my work. To be honest, I encouraged myself to perform because public speaking is something that I still struggle with and in order to develop this skill, I will have to actually put myself out there.”

Both students express the fact that performing in front of a crowd is a challenge, but here at Open Minds we intend to provide a supportive platform to make this challenge easier.


All in all, it was a beautiful night full of creativity.

Written by Toyah Panton,

President of Open Minds

My Passion, My Purpose

My Passion, My Purpose is the first ever theatrical play put on by Open Minds, following the journey of a young students’ pursuit of finding his true purpose and passion facing a range of obstacles along the way. Similar to many young people of our generation, the main protagonist goes from knowing exactly what he thinks he is going to do with his life to completely being lost in a sea of self-assured young people. This leads to an episode of depression and anxiety faced by our character; eventually, through a variety of uplifting events and meetings with encouraging individuals he finds where his true talent lies and finds that “Passion + Daily action= A purposeful life”. The play features a whole host of guest acts including DJ Hass, fashion designers Eli and Pai and Truthz as well as dance acts, a modelling segment and a singing performance.



Night of Soul

Open Minds produced a Night of Soul with a twist, which took place on the 5th of November 2015. We saw a variety of acts take to the stage and showcase their talents, including singing, poetry, salsa and a myriad of musical performances. The night had a very chilled vibe and it was an opportunity for people to network in a comfortable environment, as well as an opportunity for some of Loughborough’s secret talents to step out of their comfort zone and perform in front of an audience.
Those who performed on the night include:
Femi Sax – Saxophone
Salsa Society – Salsa Dance
Adelaide Banks – Poetry
Emmanuel – Poetry
Lisa Labi – Singing
Banke – Singing
Adrian – Singing
John Joel – Drums

Say Your Piece

Say your Piece was set to help members with their confidence and to influence them into using their voice to succeed. We had two amazing speakers join us; award-winning motivational speaker/author Hayley Mulenda and poet/author Ismael Musoke. They both shared inspirational stories about their journeys, highlighting some of the challenges they faced and gave advice on public speaking. At the end of the event both authors personally signed books for those who attended, but most importantly they networked and connected with our members.

Meet and Greet

The Open Minds Meet and Greet was the kick start of our events, where freshers and returners came together to meet the new 2016-2017 Committee, understand what we do as a society and take part in all our fun activities. Our aim was to give people a taste of what Open Minds is about – giving students the opportunity to better themselves through activities and our various workshops, such as the public speaking workshop.  The Meet and Greet was arguably our most important event, as it reflects the genuine and supportive persona of the committee as well as the events we have in store for the rest of the year. Those who attended described the meet and greet as a success, representing the society and committee positively.

The Cube

As a society, we aim to inspire creativity through fun and interactive activities. As a new committee, Open Minds put on their own version of the popular game show, The Cube. In the game show, contestants were up for then chance to win a number of prizes by completing challenges within a 2m x 2m square. It was based on the idea that even straightforward tasks can be extremely challenging when confined and put under pressure inside a small, enclosed area, whilst surrounded by a large audience. Some of the challenges involved catching, throwing, estimating, reacting, memorising and balancing. Although most of the tasks were a far cry from what someone would experience in real life, our aim was to mimic the experience of feeling under pressure and how to go about solving a problem under such conditions or a time frame. We wanted to teach and develop valuable skills that can be used throughout life in a fun and exciting ways.


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