‘My favourite OM event has to be The Sage. I think it was amazing to have genuine people from different walks of life to share their stories – all very different nevertheless all very meaningful. Every member of the audience could relate to at least one thing but not just relate – they were also challenged to self-reflect – to see how they can better invest in their future. And despite such unforeseen complications we had a successful event which both performers and audience members enjoyed.’



The Sage truly was an inspirational night. The three guest speakers we had delivered motivation talks on their life journey,which have led to the formation of their creative crafts and motivations in life.

We were honoured to have Kelly Whybrow: a blogger, public speaker and writer, telling her journey on faith, owning your abilities and shaping who you are.

We also had Amani Simpson tell his life changing story, which is now a short film: https://youtu.be/8KzE8rauJJ8 Even after his talk and our event came to a close, members of Open Minds continued on their discussions with him outside for an additional hour.

Thirdly, we had Josiah, also known as Mr200m, give an interactive talk on purpose and destiny.

Lastly, we had a former Open Minds President – Stephanie – also share her story on how she got to where she is and How purpose and character played in her development as an individual.

As a whole, the amazing speakers left the audience feeling inspired and driven to develop themselves.